Monday, 26 September 2016

News: Abderfeldy Double Casked 20yo

I nearly overlooked this Colas entry. It appears to be a limited edition Aberfeldy. I almost ditched it as 'another fancy NAS' until I gave the label of this Abderfeldy Double Casked a closer look. It would have gone against to philosophy of Bacardi's Last Great Malts to ditch the age so yes, it does carry an age statement.

There's not much info on the label itself  but enough to raise curiosity. Double Casked is pretty self explanatory. Aberfeldy probably finished the whisky in another type of cask. I'm guessing it initially matured in ex-bourbon casks and the whisky was finished in a Sauternes wine cask. But how many of the 20 years of maturation were actually a finish, we don't know.

They give us a cask number and the number of bottles produced so it's a single cask. Or even a part of it because 120 bottles . 120 bottles is either a small cask or they just want to experiment with a limited outturn. And it's cask strength: 51.9% ABV.

aberfeldy double casked

Identity Card Abderfeldy Double Casked

  • Aberfeldy Distillery, Aberfedly (Speyside)

  • 20 year old single malt

  • Bottled on 6 june 2016

  • Alcohol: 51.9% ABV

  • 120 bottles

Entries from the TTB Public Registry (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) are a fairly reliable source for upcoming new whiskies. Although not all entries make it to the market. There’s always the possibility a brand decides not to launch a whisky, even if the label has been approved. Until the distillery sends out a press release, this whisky should be considered a rumour…

Source: Colas Online


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