Balblair 1997 2nd release

Balblair 1997 2nd release
Picture: The Whisky Exchange

Balblair got a celebrity boost while it served as the setting for Ken Loach's typical feel-good-Sunday-afternoon-movie The Angel's Share. Balblair isn't using age statements anymore since its rebranding in 2007. The – it has to be said – gorgeous bottles and ditto box only mention the year they were distilled and bottled. So one can still make an educated guess about the age. Balblair usually launches crisp and clear Vintages. This second release 1997 is not an exception and has a typical Chardonnay colour. 

Identity Card Balblair 1997 2nd release

  • Official bottling from Balblair Distillery (Highlands)
  • Distilled in 1997 & bottled in 2012 
  • Alcohol: 46% ABV

A pleasant Cinnamon Challenge 

Tasting notes 

Nose: Coconut and ginger confit scents predominate the glass. A little honey and then lots of sweet fruits. Apricot, pineapple and some vanilla. Water puts the accent on cinnamon and crème pattisière. In the distance, there's some white chocolate.

Taste: Spices and sweetness everywhere. Cinnamon, cloves and ground pepper sign up for the spices. Bananas and peaches for the fruitiness. Adding water sweetens it. Some vanilla pudding, dry oak and...  sweet spices (again).

Finish: Dry and spicy. A pleasant "Cinnamon Challenge". Conclusion: This Balblair leaves me with some mixed feelings. Do not get me wrong. It's a very nice malt. But he lacks a bit of complexity to me for a 15-year-old whisky.

Price: somewhere between € 60 and € 70.

PS: Watch out while pouring a dram. The bottle is beautiful but is not the most user-friendly. Don't spill any whisky!