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Rumour: Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin

Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin
Source: Colas Online Public Registry

Diageo appears to be working on a whole new series of Black Label whiskies featuring the classic Scotch whisky regions. First up: Speyside!
This new Black Label is a blended malt - regular black label is a blend of malt and grain whiskies - with an age statement.

The label is fairly straight forward. The whisky is composed with malt components from Diageo's malt distilleries in Speyside.

Identity Card  Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin

  • 12-year-old blended malt
  • Focused on Speyside region
  • Alcohol: 42% ABV

It's not such a rumour anymore: Johnnie Walker Black label Origins Series... Woops!

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