Highland Park 18

Highland Park 18
Picture: The Whisky Exchange

The much beloved (but expensive) Highland Park 18-year-old single malt.

Identity Card Highland Park 18

A cracker from the North

Tasting notes

Colour: The 18-year-old has a warm copper glow and has a slightly oily texture. Slow legs form on the side of the glass

Nose: Quite shy at first. Honey and heather flowers. He shows off his complexity at room temperature. Orange marmalade, leather and bread-pudding with raisins and nuts (and a splash of brandy).
With water: soft traces of tobacco smoke and sweet raisins. Then the sweetness gets countered by the bitterness of oranges and heathery scents.

Taste: Oranges with honey as a starter. Then sweet peat smoke, oak and strong coffee. Water releases the sweet aroma's. Honey, flowers and some fresh mint.

Finish: Sweet smoke evolves into a strong espresso with cane sugar.

Conclusion: This grown-up doesn't have an easy character. Give him some time to achieve his full potential and he'll reward you with a warming friendship.

This competition animal has already filled its cupboard with awards and deserves so. A great all-rounder and at it's best during winter.

Price: between €60 and €70. (Update: That was a long time ago.... )