Highland Park Freya

Highland Park Freya Walhalla collecltion
Picture: The Whisky Exchange

The Valhalla series was launched in 2012. This exclusive instalment was inspired by the Norse gods that inhabit the endless halls of Valhalla. Highland Park strives for whiskies that reflect the character of these gods. First, it was up to Thor, God of Thunder and son of Odin. Next was Loki, the treacherous shapeshifter. 2014 will be the year of The Fair One. Freya, goddess of love and wisdom (Guess what... it's almost Valentines Day!). 

At this moment the first samples have been sent to the leading whisky bloggers. The world will meet Freya on a series of theme nights. And if we can rely on the previous Loki events, there will be spent some marketing budget. Recently a group of journalists was flown to Tromsø to enjoy Freya, under the mystical Aurora borealis, the northern light. According to legend, this eerily beautiful light is caused by the feathery cloak of Freya and the Valkyries. 

Identity Card Highland Park Freya

  • Official bottling from Highland Park Distillery (Orkney)
  • Highland Park Walhalla collection
  • 19.000 bottles 
  • 15-year-old single malt Scotch whisky 
  • Alcohol: 51.2% ABV

Coming home after a forest walk 

Tasting notes 

Colour: She's soft in colour. A soft golden glow and noticeable paler than its predecessors. 100% ex-bourbon casks are used for maturation. She seems to be lighter of texture also.

Nose: Plenty of vanilla when nosing this the first time. A delicious pannacotta with white chocolate and vanilla seeds. Eventually, it evolves to a walk through the forest after a rainstorm. Lots of damp earthy and green notes. And you're having a glass of hot spiced wine. Eucalyptus and pine candy. Sweet nuts and citrus fruits. Mandarin and lime to me.

Taste: Very refreshing. Definitely another breed than Loki and Thor. Again eucalyptus, vanilla and mint. A juicy fruitiness. Oranges, Conference pears and green apples. On the back of the tongue, there are traces of wood smoke and pepper. Finish: Quite long. Spicy but still soft. Apples and sweet cinnamon.

Conclusion Freya cannot be compared to the previous instalments, but she's not less complex. A bit of an atypical Highland Park, but one that can proudly enter the halls of Valhalla.

It has been available on pre-order for a few days (and already sold out on some websites). Soon to be released and available at specialised liquor stores. Price will be around €175 / £ 140.