Friday, 7 February 2014

Springbank 10 Year old

A Tasty Dram Whisky Review & Tasting Notes

A chili preserved in vinegar

Color: Copper

Nose: Soft and sweet peat smoke are balanced by citrus and vanilla. Adding water is like opening a spice drawer and there's a leftover of dried sausage hidden in it somewhere. Among the spices are nutmeg, clove and some cinnamon.

Taste: Spices are everywhere ! Pepper shakes you awake. I'm thinking of a chili preserved in vinegar. With water it gets a bit sweeter. Vanilla and raisins. At the end there's a little bit of sea salt on the tongue. Three primary tastes in one dram: sweet, tangy and salt.

Finish: Pepper and salt are struggling for attention. And the third dog ? Sweetness of raisins.

Conclusion: Quite a little character with a rich tradition. Fruity sweetness, a little bit of salt, deliciously hot and pleasantly smoky. Quite complex for a ten year-old.

Springbank 10
Picture: The Whisky Exchange



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