Suntory Yamazaki 10 Year Old

Yamazaki 10
Picture: The Whisky Exchange

Identity Card

  • Official bottling from Yamazaki Distillery (Japan)
  • 10-year-old Japanese single malt whisky
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV

Kohai on a mission 

Tasting notes

Colour: Soft amber.

Nose: At first green apples, vanilla and oak. Adding water releases fruity flavours: grapes, pineapple and a small touch of banana. It 's all combining very well with a hint of cinnamon.

Taste: I'm getting (again) green apple with some spices, ginger and oak. Water softens the apple and adds some unripe bananas and grapes. It even gets a little 'nutty'. Finish: The spices warm your mouth for quite a while. There's some caramelized brown sugar that lingers in the back.

Conclusion: A young whisky that shows already some character with his fruity flavours. This 10-year-old is getting rare.