Gordon & Macphail Reserve Glenlossie 2000 for Maltclan

Gordon & Macphail Reserve Glenlossie 2000 for Maltclan

Belgium whisky club Maltclan recently released their third bottling. It is again a bottling from Gordon & Macphail. After a first Glenrothes and a second Glenburgie, they were in for a third 'Glen': Glenlossie.

This distillery was unknown to me until now. The distillery was founded in 1876 and does not release official bottlings. The only expressions that came close to official bottlings are a 10-year-old Flora & Fauna and a rare 12 years old Manager's Dram.

Identity Card Gordon & Macphail Reserve Glenlossie 2000 for Maltclan

  • Independent bottling from Glenlossie Distillery (Speyside)
  • Distilled July 4 2000, bottled October 2013
  • Refill sherry hogshead cask nr. 7514
  • 286 bottles
  • 13-year-old single malt Scotch whisky
  • Alcohol: 54% ABV

Third time lucky for Belgium whisky club Maltclan

Tasting notes

Colour: This Glenlossie was laid to rest for thirteen years in a refill sherry hogshead. It came out with a dark straw colour, like some Amontillado sherries, and a delicious sticky texture. Swirling it in the glass does not leave any tears or legs. It just forms a thin oily coat.

Nose: Some very clear sherry influences. Despite its ABV of 54%, it does not punch you on the nose. On the contrary, it is refreshingly soft. I'm associating this with dry white wines. Grapes and pears. Peaches poached in sugar. A lovely Peche Melba with a dash of lemon juice and sliced almonds (forget about the raspberry coulis that comes with this classic dessert for a moment).

Water sweetens it. A bit more like Marc de champagne. Some milk chocolate. More specifically a crushed Kinder Schokobon.

Taste: What a creamy explosion of flavours. Very spicy at first. You have just taken a bite from a fresh green apple. A few seconds later (due to you saliva) the sweetness arrives. Vanilla, raisins, dried figs and almonds.

Finish: Relatively long. You'll enjoy this one for a few minutes. Like you stuffed your mouth with almonds and dried figs.

Conclusion: A lovely balanced sherried whisky. Creamy, sweet and a delicious spicy punch. A very nice starter whisky that has no colourants, unchill-filtered and bottled at cask strength.

I'm finding this one a lot more accessible than last year's Glenburgie. It's a tasty dram and budget friendly. It could be bought for € 50 at Maltclan's Hogmanay (and perhaps at future meetings). A very honest price setting if you ask me.