Wemyss Malts Tweet Tasting #WemyssTT3

Thurday 15th May a new Tweet Tasting took place under the guidance of Steve Rush (@TheWhiskyWire). No secret samples this time but 4 recent whiskies from Wemyss Malts (@WemyssMalts).

Wemyss is a relatively young company when it comes to whisky. Established in 2005, they managed to build an extended range of blends, blended malts and single casks.

In the autumn of 2014 they will start producing in their own distillery Kingsbarns. One mash tun, 4 washbacks, one wash still and one spirit still should allow them to distill 500.000 liters of new make spirit. Using local barley they wish to deliver a fruity Lowland-style whisky.

On the menu


  • Lord Elcho
    Blend, 40%, NAS, £ 26


  • Pastille Bouquet 1998
    Single Cask, Mortlach, Speyside, 46% ABV, ex-bourbon hogshead, 325 bottles, bottled 2013, £ 67

Main course

  • Merchant's Mahogany Chest
    Single Cask, Glen Scotia, Campbeltown, 46% ABV, ex-sherry butt, 807 bottles, bottled 2013, £ 106


  • Peat Chimney 8
    Blended Malt, 8 years, 40% ABV, £ 31

Dram #1: Lord Elcho

A brand new blend without an age statement. Enters the range next to a 15 years old blend with the same name. Named after the eldest son of the 5th Earl of Wemyss. 

Lord Elcho

Colour: Wet straw, gold.

Nose: Initially a lot of fresh aromas. Citrus, grapefruit and ginger. Soft butter cake and fruity notes of grapes and melon.
With water: Pepper and juniper berry, sugared popcorn, lemon meringue and menthol sweets (little sweet green cones).

Taste: Fudge (caramel) with ginger confit or ginger candy and wine gums. In time it evolves towards dry oak tannins.
A few drops of water add an extra dimension. More oak, vanilla, honey and a little spiciness. Aniseed and eucalyptus.

Finish: Dry and spicy. Pepper and chopped nuts. Medium finish with a slight metallic hint.

Dram #2: Pastille Bouquet 1998

A 14 - 15 year old Mortlach from an ex-bourbon hogshead. Pastilles are sweet fruit candies with a sugar coat.

Pastille Bouquet 1998

Colour: Citrus, white wine.

Nose: A subtle start. Sweet. Cake with dried fruits. Figs and citrus. Fruit candy. Red fruit with a hint of pot pourri. Apricots,, lemon marmalade and almonds.
With water: Sweeter. Vanilla and sugared lemon candy. Light floral evolution. Geraniums. Dusty towards the end.

Taste: Dry and peppery. Wood. Cinnamon, apple, vanilla and nutmeg. Bananas and coconut. Ginger tea.
With water: dry, sweet and spicy. Cinnamon and pepper.

Finish: Quite long. Bananas, almond flakes and cinnamon.

Dram #3: Merchant’s Mahogany Chest 1991

This Glen Scotia, from Campbeltown region, was distilled in 1991 and bottled in 2013. Which makes it at least 21 years old. Mahogany refers without a doubt to its dark colour. 

Colour: Deep copper, amber.

Nose: Grapes and raisins. Furniture polish and leather. Grappa and coffee. Dates and praline. Stewed apples with sugar. Warm caramel.
With water: more nuts, caramel sauce and a musky perfume.

Taste: Raisins and oranges. Meaty. Almost Canard à l'orange (duck in orange sauce). Heavy sherry influences.
With water: more oily and a bit of sulphur. Coffee with a dash of caramel. Overripe prunes.

Finish: Dark chocolate with orange. Light sulphur and tobacco. A pinch of pepper. Leather

Dram #4: Peat Chimney 8

This 8 years old blended malt is a part of the Wemyss' trilogy: Spicy (Spice King), Honey (The Hive) and Peaty (Peat Chimney).

Peat Chimney 8

Colour: gold, copper

Nose: Peat smoke teams up with gingerbread, coconut and honey. A hint of creamy cheese. Molten Chester? Roasted pine wood and some floral notes. Violets and lavender.
Water gives you grilled salmon with dried herbes de provence and bouquet garni. Decayed cardboard. Caramel candy and rock sugar.

Taste: Dry and hot. White pepper and chili flakes. Ashes of sandalwood and charcoal. Water brings back the flowers and some milk chocolate.

Finish: Mouthwarming and dry. Eucalyptus and roasted pine nuts.

And the twelve points go to...

Peat Chimney 8 and Lord Elcho (for being such a surprise)

A word of thanks

to Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire for organising and the people of Wemyss Malts for providing the samples for the evening.