Malts of Scotland Images of Tain - Mansfield Castle

Malts of Scotland Images of Tain - Mansfield Castle
Picture: Whiskybase

Malts of Scotland is a German indy bottler since 2009. In 5 years he was already awarded multiple times the title of "Independent Bottler of the Year".

The Images series is a range of "secret" bottlings that do not (or cannot) disclose the identity of the distillery. Every label gets a name and landmark hinting at the provenance in return. Most of the time you will have enough information to make an educated guess. Behold the perfect example: Port Ellen Lighthouse (I think you can easily guess its identity).

This Images of Tain bottling was named after Mansfield Castle. A castle that is only a four minutes drive away from ... Glenmorangie.

Identity Card Malts of Scotland Images of Tain - Mansfield Castle

  • Independent bottling from Malts of Scotland
  • NAS single malt Scotch whisky
  • Outturn: 207 bottles
  • Alcohol: 53.2 % ABV

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Tasting notes

Colour: This is clearly a sherried whisky. The colour could be described as amber or shiny copper. Swirling leaves only some light legs on the glass.

Nose: The nose is quite overwhelming. A dusty first impression precedes a sweet aromatic torrent: orange marmalade, caramel, Turkish delight and raisins. Also some musky perfume and liquor chocolates. Whiffs of crushed walnut and creamy cocoa butter.
Water gives it some port influences.

Taste: The first sips are dry. Wood shavings, bitter dark chocolate and marzipan. I also discovered some shortbread and spices. Nutmeg and white pepper.

Finish: The finish isn't long but pleasantly spicy.


An unknown but convincing tasty dram. A solid body, pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rather complex and affordable. Priced at € 70 in specialist stores. I bought my sample at The Bonding Dram.

It can take a few drops of water, even at 53.2% ABV. The ABV is probably already reduced. Every MoS Images expression is bottled at this percentage.

My guess on the identity: A teaspooned Glenmorangie that spent eight years or so in a refill sherry cask.