News: Wemyss Malts 1997 Bunnahabhain Single Cask for Belgium

Barbecue Smoke

The Belgian importer for Wemyss Malts will be presenting a brand new 1997 Bunnahabhain for the Belgian market. This shiny new whisky from our favourite Scottish island (Islay, what else?) will probably be presented on the Spirits in the Sky festival in Brussels on November 8.

Some technical details:
  • Distilled 1997
  • Bottled 2014
  • 46% ABV
  • 273 bottles available
  • Islay

Tasting notes from Wemyss Malts

Golden Syrup.

Nose: A singed brown paper bag containing grilled apricots and damp clods of rooty earth. A sweet, almost perfumed aroma like quality vanilla nougat and flaked almonds completes this intriguing aroma.

Palate: Delicate peat surrounds the fruity flavours with good integration. Candied fruits buried in malt loaf with the charred flavours holing court throughout.

Finish: The smoke stay with a sweet oily complex.

Since I won't make it to the festival, I sure hope that my colleague will fetch me a sample of this Bunna. (Yep, Laurent, that's you I'm talking about!)

source: Wemyss Malts