News: The Whisky Exchange 15th anniversary bottlings

TWE presenting a 17yo Arran & a 40yo Glen Garioch

Oh my sherry-goodness! To celebrate their 15th anniversary (and their new website) The Whisky Exchange launches two heavily sherried whiskies. One from a young Island distillery and a fabulous Seventies bottling coming from the Highlands.

Arran 1996

  • 17 years old
  • Bottled June 2014
  • 245 bottles
  • 55.7%
  • £84.95

A big-sherry-cask-matured whisky from the young Arran distillery. More heavily influenced by the cask than standard Arran whiskies yet still showing the distillery character on the palate.

Tempted to buy it already?

Glen Garioch 1973

  • 40 years old
  • Distilled November 1973
  • Bottled 2 February 2014
  • 138 bottles
  • 54.3% ABV
  • £899

This 40-year-old bottling combines that trademark peat and smoke with the fruity flavours produced by long ageing, and dried-fruit notes typical of sherry-cask maturation. It has the hallmarks of those venerable Glen Garioch sherried vintage bottlings of 1968 and 1971.

It maybe out of my budget league but given it's age this is an affordable Glen Garioch.

Source and images: The Whisky Exchange