Kilchoman 2009 TasTToe single cask PX finish

Kilchoman 2009 TasTToe single cask PX finish

During the Kilchoman Tour through Europe, the Wills brothers presented a PX finished Kilchoman sample. The whisky will most likely be bottled by TasTToe, the Belgian shop that hosted one of the Kilchoman tastings on their European Tour.

The whisky was distilled in 2009 and got a 4.5-month finishing on a Pedro Ximenez sherry butt. Curious whether Kilchoman and PX sherry guarantee fantastic stuff?

Identity Card Kilchoman 2009 TasTToe single cask PX finish

  • Official single cask bottling from Kilchoman Distillery, Islay
  • Alcohol: 58.2% ABV
  • 2009 vintage single malt Scotch whisky
  • 4.5 month finish on a Pedro Ximenez butt

Christmas pudding in a Tex-Mex restaurant

Tasting notes

Colour: The colour of this Kilchoman with PX finish balances between old gold and copper. It is a few shades darker than Loch Gorm 2014. The influence of a four and a half month finish on a Pedro Ximenez butt is clearly more pronounced than the colour from a four years maturation on first-fill Oloroso casks.

Nose: The nose is pretty soft with a minimal sting. The first aromas are sickeningly sweet. Butter mixed with brown sugar, dates and figs. Banana beignets and classic British Christmas pudding with honey and sherry. It evolves towards smoked paprika powder, jalapeƱos and pickles (Belgian Pickles) on raisin bread with a sugar crust. I know it sounds bizarre but it is delicious.
Water flattens the sour flavours of the pickles. Instead, you get canned salsify.

Taste: The first taste sensations stay in the sweet and sour quadrant with a peppery twist. I'm guessing canned pineapple, raisins, chocolate, cinnamon and honey. A splash of vinegar and grapefruit juice offer balance.

Adding water gives it a surprising boost of smoke, pepper and star anise.

Finish: The sourness sticks for a while. A special and impressive finish with pickled jalapeƱos and barbecue beef served with sour cream and Szechuan pepper.

On the left: Loch Gorm. On the right: PX finish


Kilchoman delivers an excellent PX finished single cask that deserves to be bottled. Gentlemen from TasTToe: do your job.

As stated before, this sample is not yet available. If I get it right, we might expect this whisky to be presented this weekend. I do hope the price level will be comparable to the single cask bottled by Abbey Whisky this summer. I'd say around €100.