The Macallan Select Oak

The Macallan Select Oak
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The Macallan Select Oak was part of the 1824 Collection for tax-free shops. It's a classic example of contemporary Travel Retail. Relative young whisky, no age statement, and an experimental hodgepodge of first-fill and refill American and European oak that previously held bourbon and sherry. Did I just hear someone shouting "Laphroaig Select"?

Anyway, Macallan (and the overarching Edrington Group) is known for its obsessive wood management which translates in rather nice sales figures.

Identity Card The Macallan Select Oak

  • Official bottling from The Macallan Distillery (Speyside)
  • NAS single malt Scotch whisky
  • Alcohol 40% ABV
  • Travel Retail 1824 Collection (discontinued)

From airport to hotel in classy green

Tasting notes

 The Select Oak is pale gold and leaves fast and thin legs on the side of the glass.

Nose: It is - not completely unexpected - rather soft on the nose. Vanilla, honey, cider and juicy Conference pears. After some time the nose gets a little dusty and woody.

Water gives you more sherry influences. Marzipan and a bag of mixed fruit that OD'd on bananas and raisins. There's a development towards nougat and nail polish flavours.

Taste: This Macallan has a featherlight texture on the palate. Mainly very sweet and a little spicy. Honey, raisins and cinnamon.

A single drop of water releases salty notes. Again I'm getting some nougat. And also caramel candy and cheap prune wine from the Chinese supermarket.

Finish: The aftertaste is pretty long and offers a lot of sweet vanilla and honey aromas. A pinch of pepper makes it a bit more exciting.


Do not expect an aha-erlebnis from this Macallan Select Oak. It is exemplary for everything (budget) Travel Retail has to offer. Easy drinkable, no-nonsense, no age statement young whisky. A nice Speysider and an ├╝berdecent appetiser.

If you do stumble upon a lost bottle, make sure you don't pay more then €45.