News: Six new single casks releases from Wemyss Malts

Edinburgh based independent bottler Wemyss Malts announced earlier today the release of a new selection of single cask Scotch whiskies.

The names of this collection of new whiskies, as we expect from Wemyss, are inspired by the unique natural taste and aroma of each one. The eye catchers of the new offering is a cask strength from Bunnahabhain Distillery on Islay called "Kirsch Gateau" and a single grain Invergordon single cask.

Wemyss Malts single casks

The single casks

"Cacao Geyser" Bowmore 1998

  • Bowmore Distillery, Islay
  • Distilled 1998, bottled 2014
  • 737 bottles
  • 46% ABV
  • RRP £95
1998 Bowmore Distillery "Cacao Geyser"
1998 Bowmore Distillery "Cacao Geyser"
Colour: Polished teak

Nose: On an antique sideboard rests a gammon studded with cloves and glazed with manuka honey.

Palate: An intense fruity burst of dense blackcurrant, followed by a wave of dark chocolate laced with an earthy smoke.

Finish: A smoke dried cocoa bean.

"Caribbean Crème" Invergordon 1988

  • Invergordon Distillery
  • Distilled 1988, bottled 2014
  • 171 bottles
  • 46% ABV
  • Single grain
  • RRP £80
1988 Invergordon Distillery "Caribbean Crème"
1988 Invergordon Distillery "Caribbean Crème"
Colour: Warm honey

Rich, perfumed lassi laced with a sweet salsa of mango, pineapple and papaya.

Palate: Lemon scented Madeleines drizzled with frothy Creme Anglaise, accompanied by a freshly baked soufflé.

Finish: A delicately balanced mouthfeel with a light nutty finish.

"Dark Treacle Fondant" Craigellachie 2002

  • Craigellachie Distillery, Speyside
  • Distilled 2002, bottled 2014
  • 804 bottles
  • 46% ABV
  • RRP £65
2002 Craigellachie Distillery "Dark Treacle Fondant"
2002 Craigellachie Distillery "Dark Treacle Fondant"
Colour: Deep copper

Nose: A compote of dates, figs and prunes topped with dense treacle sponge.

Palate: Sherry soaked sponge fingers layered with warming spiced milk chocolate ganache served with poached apricot.

Finish: Toasted chestnuts on the hearth.

"Honeysuckle Bower" Linkwood 1995

  • Linkwood Distillery, Speyside
  • Distilled 1995, bottled 2014
  • 332 bottles
  • 46% ABV
  • RRP £80
1995 Linkwood Distillery "Honeysuckle Bower"
1995 Linkwood Distillery "Honeysuckle Bower"
Colour: Summer Hay

Nose: A melange of ripe honeydew melon, pear and peach, presented on a polished sandalwood platter.

Palate: Tingling pepper cracked over toasted, oaty flapjacks, laced with pink grapefruit zest and freshly squeezed lime.

Finish: Crisp and refreshing aperitif for a warm evening.

"Kirsch Gateau" Bunnahabhain 1988

  • Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay
  • Distilled 1988, bottled 2014
  • 442 bottles
  • 56% ABV (cask strength)
  • RRP £130
1988 Bunnahabhain Distillery "Kirsch Gateau"
1988 Bunnahabhain Distillery "Kirsch Gateau"
Colour: Rich mahogany

Nose: Rum and raisin fruitcake soaked in cherry kirsch served with a ginger wine toddy.

Palate: Liqueur soaked cherries with dark chocolate flaked with sea salt. Sticky gingerbread spread with molasses syrup.

Finish: Warming cinnamon and star anise coat the palate.

"Snuffed Candle" Aberfeldly 1999

  • Aberfeldly Distillery, Highland
  • Distilled 1999, bottled 2014
  • 379 bottles
  • 46% ABV
  • RRP £85
1999 Aberfeldly Distillery "Snuffed Candle"
1999 Aberfeldly Distillery "Snuffed Candle"
Colour: Polished Copper

Nose: The aroma of warm church candles mingling with fresh pipe tobacco and old fashioned toffee.

Palate: Curled up on a leather armchair indulging in dark orange chocolate and a shot of rich espresso by the glow of red embers.

Finish: The intense flavour of biting into a roasted coffee bean.

There are only a few hundred bottles from each cask and the suggested retail prices range from £65 to £130. These bottlings will be available in selected retailers in the UK, EU and key Asian markets.

William Wemyss, Founder and Managing Director at Wemyss Malts, commented: “We are delighted to introduce another excellent selection of single casks, named as always by our hard-working and creative tasting panel. We've selected a Bunnahabhain sherry butt to be bottled at cask strength in this release named Kirsch Gateau after its rich mahogany colour and palate of tempting dark chocolate and liqueur soaked cherries."

Source and pictures: Wemyss Malts