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Chapter 7 Glentauchers 1996

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The Swiss indy bottler Chapter 7 seems to be taking the whisky world by storm. The one man company from Selim Evin already released 5 single casks in a year and has a few tricks up his sleeve for the coming months. The stylish black boxes are an homage to the Swiss design style.

The Allt-a-Bhainne and the Glen Keith were already very promising. Chapter 7 bottled another ex-bourbon single cask from Speyside from a lesser known distillery. One should almost think it is becoming the company's trademark... Let's see how this Glentauchers performs.

Identity Card Chapter 7 Glentauchers 1996

  • Glentauchers Distillery, Keith (Speyside)
  • 18 year old
  • 48.3% ABV
  • Distilled in 1996 - Bottled in 2014
  • Ex-bourbon barrel #3609 | 173 bottles
Chapter 7 Glentauchers from 1996

Tasting notes

Colour: This Glentauchers from Chapter 7 is pale yellow in colour (comparable to the Glen Keith from the same bottler). The whisky shows some nice thick and slow legs against the glass. This might be a sign of a delicious creamy texture.

Nose: The nose starts very promising with mineral notes and bourbon fruitiness. Melon and bananas. White chocolate with passion fruits. A lovely creamy panna cotta and coconut. A slight hint of citrus fruits. Bergamot maybe?

Water creates a leading role for the coconut. I'm getting something like a Bounty with white chocolate. Balsa wood and tart loaded with gooseberries.

Taste: The creaminess that was promised is definitely present. A powerful burst of fruitiness. Mashed bananas and betterfood cookies with some juicy oak.

Water brings back the mineral notes and dried coconut flakes. Wood, pepper and baked bananas.

Finish: Quite a long finish with those lovely mineral notes. The juiciness and creaminess really stick to your palate. A hint of yellow boiled sweets.

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I'm a big fan of this Glentauchers from Chapter 7. It may hide its age a bit, but the lovely creamy notes definitely make up for it. A worthy chapter in the book from Chapter 7!

Most of the 173 bottles seem to be gone already. is the only one who sells it online at a somewhat pricy €125 (for an 18yo whisky).  However you might find it at specialist liquor shops at a more reasonable price and it deserves your consideration
Update: Jurgen's Whiskyhuis has it in his webshop for €118 (£84.50).

Chapter 7 Glentauchers
Chapter 7 ditched the Scottish icons for a minimal design bottle

Product photography:

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by Chapter 7. Thanks for the sample Selim!


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