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Glen Grant SMWS 9.84 Playing Sea Battle in the Garden

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Afternoon tea on the battle ship

The SMWS bottles Glen Grant whiskies under distillery label 9. The Rothes distillery was founded in 1840 by John and James Grant. The four wash stills and four spirit stills produce over six million liters of spirit on an annual basis.

Glen Grant is now owned by the Italian Gruppo Campari. The most common (and widely available) whiskies are The Major's Reserve named after James Grant junior, son of the founder, and the 10yo. The name provokes far less emotion than "Laphroaig" for instance but Glen Grant is one of the top 5 best selling Scotch single malts worldwide.

Identity Card Glen Grant SMWS 9.84 Playing Sea Battle in the Garden

  • Glen Grant, Rothes (Speyside)
  • 25 year old
  • 55.6 % ABV
  • Distilled on 18 April 1988
  • Refill ex-sherry butt | 534 bottles
Glen Grant SMWS 9.84 Playing Sea Battle in the Garden

Tasting notes from the Society panel

One Panel member found himself on the gun deck of an old wood-hulled warship with smells of ash, gun powder and spent cartridge, whilst others, more peacefully, are turning earth in their herb garden. The taste is hot and fiery – the battleship is in action – or we take a break from gardening on a sunny afternoon and enjoy rye bread dipped in olive oil. With water we take a rest sitting in a wicker chair on a warm cedar decking surrounded by pots of sage and heather. The taste now juicy, warm and pleasant like waffles with runny vanilla custard

Tasting notes

Colour: Light yellow in coulour. Almost straw like. This was probably a fino or manzanilla sherry cask. Thick yet fast legs on the glass after swirling.

Nose: On the nose this Glen Grant offered me lemon and ginger tea and fireworks. The smell of firing a cap gun (remember those from your youth?). Citrus and spring flowers. A botanical garden and potting soil. Dark cacao with fino sherry and salt. Green jalapeƱo peppers and pear wine.

Taste: The palate is dominated by hot pepper, fresh citrus, thyme and honey with some fruit pastilles. Perfectly drinkable at 55% ABV. You don't need to add any water. Just enjoy the ride on the battle ship!

Finish: A refreshing finish stuffed with green herbs and honey tea.


The nose of this 25 year old Glen Grant was very promising and impressive. I honestly enjoyed nosing this whisky more than tasting it. Though I could blame that on the size of my sample.

"Playing Sea Battle in the Garden" costed £98.00 at The Dutch branch sold it a few months ago at the (reduced) price of €120.60.



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