New life for Bladnoch

Finally there's some good news from the southwest of Scotland. Bladnoch Distillery got a new owner and will soon be reopened. After six years of silence and the fear of a Littlemill scenario Lowlands spirit will flow from the stills at Bladnoch.

Before production is resumed, substantial investments will have to be made to meet environmental standards. If all goes according to plan, production could start by the end of 2016. Capacity will be approximately 1.25 million litres of pure alcohol.
The existing team of eight people can start working again in the warehouse and visitor centrum. New jobs will be created and provide a boost for the local economy.
David Prior

Bladnoch Distillery Limited is purchased by Australian businessman David Prior. He will be supported by former Scotch Whisky Association chief executive Gavin Hewitt. David Prior previously ran his familybusiness and an organic yoghurt company. With Bladnoch he seeks a new challenge in a new, already flourishing, industry.

The new owners will reinstate Bladnoch to its former glory while staying true to the brands legacy. With the sale they acquired a good stock of casks from 2000 - 2009 and even some older casks. How these will be bottled, has not yet been decided.  

The Australian flag has been raised next to the Scottish.

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