News: Old Particular Single Grains

Grainy days upon us

The independent bottler and blender known of the Big Peat and Rock Oyster, Douglas Laing, comes with a particularly new release for the Old Particular single cask brand: four single grains. all bottled at cask strength and over 20 years of age.
Douglas Laing Old Particular Grains
Grains, grains, grains. Sunshines down, so come to town!

North British 21 years old

294 bottles, refill hogshead DL 10797, 50,9% ABV
Bottled June 2015 "The first single grain cask filled as Old Particular"
Nose: Perfumed, subtly sweet with honey, vanilla and crunched sugars
Taste: Corn oil, spices, vanilla ice cream and marzipan
Finish: Oily, warm spices, sugar and butterscotch

Cameronbridge 25 years old

282 bottles, refill butt DL 10806, 60,6% ABV
Distilled June 1990, bottled June 2015
Nose: Spiced and corny initially - warms a little smoky and home & baking cream
Taste: More bourbon style now, ginger, soft vanilla, honey and camphor
Finish: Gingery and spicy, toffee and barley, sugary and full of a corn oil style

Girvan 25 years old

232 bottles, refill barrel DL 10805, 51.5% ABV
Distilled December 1989, bottled June 2015
Nose: Crunched sugar in style, sherbet, fruits, hard candy and espresso
Taste: Gingery and pepper, generously sweet and spicied, dry breakfast cereal
Finish: Barley sugar, honey, maple syrup and vanilla

Strathclyde 27 years old

198 bottles, refill barrel DL 10804, 51.5% ABV
Distilled September 1987, bottled June 2015
Nose: Oily and bourbon showing molasses, boiling sugar, ginger and mixed spices
Taste: Mouthcoatingly sweet and cereal based, butterscotch and spices
Finish: Still sweet, still spiced, nicely vanilla and toffee'd

Fred Laing says “Over the last 5-6 years we have softly promoted, and gently educated the community with the “surprise” quality of old Grain Scotch Whiskies, and we have been rewarded with sustained growth. Douglas Laing & Co certainly believe the time is now right to give this long under-rated sector far greater kudos. So within our Old Particular Single Cask flagship brand, we will now release selected antique stocks of different Grain Scotch Whiskies in a lively new livery which both differentiates it from the Malts and also retains the character and specialised gravitas of the brand”.

These Old Particular Grain will be hitting the stores somewhere in  August 2015.