Jura SMWS 31.28 Going nuts in a rugby club changing room

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A lightning course in rugby

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing at the moment. Where I live rugby is not a very well known sport. All I know we have a national team that didn't get qualified for the world cup and they play in black.

On the table is a 25 year single cask from The Isle of Jura Distillery. Back then the distillery was owned by Invergordon distilleries. The legendary Willie Tait was already on board and worked his way through the ranks to Distillery Manager.

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Identity Card Jura SMWS 31.28 Going nuts in a rugby club changing room

  • Bottled by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • Isle of Jura Distillery
  • 25 year old single malt
  • 51.8% ABV
  • Distilled 27 September 1988
  • Refill hogshead | 250 bottles (single cask)

Tasting notes of the Society Panel

Imagine an old fashioned changing room where the damp wood is infused with herbal lavender and seaweed soap on a rope. Through the steam the panel found stewed lapsang souchon with chicory and crabapple followed by dark chocolate with sea salt. Water developed an ashy barbeque grill with olive oil over griddled fennel, and blackened beef. Crushed basil leaves, sesame crackers with hummus then preserved lemons battled for supremacy. Post match analysis revealed more mixed herbs and menthol body rub. A bagful of Oddballs with chunky macadamia and pine nuts booted this sooty hunk into touch. 

Tasting notes

Colour: A light vibrant gold colour and leaving thin fast legs.

Nose: A busy nose. Fresh and clean citrus aromas. Agave and old fashioned gym shoes. A little bit of peat and floral perfume. Roasted and salted nuts. Grapefruit and lavender. Some sour Granny Smith apples, lemon thyme and liquorice root tea.

Water gives it more vegetable notes. Thyme and parsley. Some lemon flavours and pepper. Boiled beef and lemon grass.

Taste: Surprisingly light at the start. The palate evolves towards sweet flavours. Cinnamon and rum-raisin ice cream with genuine vanilla seeds. Baked banana and coconut charcoal. A touch of bitter chocolate and wood notes. Beef broth with clove.

Water makes it a lot richer. Thyme, parsley and lavender. Madeira cake drizzled with olive oil. Vanilla and wood.

Finish: A ciabatta with olive oil. Gym shoes and smoked meat. A long and warming finish with a bitter touch to it.

SMWS 31.28 25yo Jura

Price: Already sold out. The dutch branch sold it for €142 a year ago. 

This was a rather fabulous Jura bottling. Not an easy one to grasp but truly rewarding once you get through it. Nicely layered and complex stuff. One of the best drams I had this year although the sample was sitting for over a year in my Islay/Island box. Too bad the pricing was a bit steep for my budget.

Jura SMWS 31.28 Going nuts in a rugby club changing room