News: Compass Box This is not a luxury Whisky

This is not a luxury whisky
The new Compass Box has been inspired by one of the most well known works of art. René Magritte's "Ceçi n'est pas une pipe".

These days we hear more and more people talking about ‘luxury’ whiskies, which are presumably whiskies that are either rare or expensive, or, possibly, both. With this new release, the people at Compass Box wants people  to consider for themselve what a ‘luxury’ whisky is.  Just like the original art defied people to challenge the concept "art".

"This is not a luxury whisky.
Or is it?"

Value for money? I think so!

Tasting notes from Compass Box

Complex, rich, lightly smoky and opulent. Sultanas,  sweet sherry and concentrated floral notes combine  with deep demerara sweetness, cacao and lighter  creamy coconut character. An inviting nose, fat and  full-bodied on the palate with a long, lingering sweet smoke  finish. 

Alochol: 53.1% ABV. Output: 4.992 bottles. Aailable from October 15.

Source: Compass Box