Chapter 7 Irish Single Malt 2000

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Irish whiskey was the drink of choice at the end of the 19th century. It suffered severely from the Prohibition and when a few ingenious Scottish businessmen got foothold in the States, the rapid decline of the Irish began. Fortunately the wheel of fortune spins in their favour again. As a result of this we see a lot of high quality single casks.

Identity Card Chapter 7 Irish Single Malt 2000

    Chapter 7 Irish Single Malt 2000
  • Undisclosed Irish whiskey from 2000
  • 14 years old single malt
  • Bourbon hogshead #10928 - 230 bottles
  • Alcohol: 56.7% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: A soft yellow port colour and swift thin legs.

Nose: Fresh, nutty and a little sharp. It’s definitely related to its sherry matured counterpart cask 10836. Cilantro leaf and an Asian spice mix. Blood oranges, dark chocolate and coriander seed. Wood shavings and resin. After some time there’s more chocolate and honey. Even a slight metallic note.

With water the metal is a bit more pronounced but held in check by a musky note and cumin seeds. A bag of Bounty biscuits with chocolate and coconut.

Taste: Sweet and sharp in the mouth. A delicious combo of honey, chocolate and nuts. Toblerone comes very close. It’s reminding me of older quality grain whiskies. The perfect balance between bitter wood and sweet honey.

A single drop of water spices up those lovely chocolate notes with some red chilies. Coconut, honey and a silky caramel coating.

Finish: A warm aftertaste with woody accents. Nuts and chocolate. A long finish with uplifting spices.

Chapter 7 Irish Single Malt 2000

Price: €110

I was rather fond of this Irish single malt. It had some heavy flavours on board. A serious good winter peat alternative (I rated it higher than its sherry-brother) but rather hard to find.

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