News: Douglas Laing Yula

Douglas Laing releases a new blended malt: Yula. It's a 20 year old blended malt as part of a trilogy of malts. Sounds familiar, no?

The bottling is inspired by an ancient Islay legend of a beautiful Norse goddess. I never heard of it but am far from an expert in Norse mythology. But even Wikipedia/Google aren't helping me out at the moment.

Part one of the trilogy is bottled at cask strength at 52.6% ABV and is, as customary at Douglas Laing, unchillfiltered and uncoloured. And yet another exemplary graphic design.

Douglas Laing Yula
Douglas Laing Yula

Says Douglas Laing’s Director of Whisky, Cara Laing: “This exciting trilogy of Island Malts tells a tale both in terms of the ancient legend of Yula but importantly also the spirit story. Distilled in 1995, we'll see this cask strength maritime Malt evolve with each annual release while retaining that distinct oceanic, island character. In Yula, we believe we've combined two of life's greatest pleasures - a charming tale and a great Whisky!

Update: Islay Info got the story covered:

A Danish Princess called Iula, or Yula, who left Denmark with an apron full of stones of different sizes. As she proceeded on her journey some of the stones fell out, one becoming Ireland, another Rathlin and a third Texa. The remainder of the stones fell out and became the string of islands from Ardbeg to Kildalton. She perished in the soft sands off that coast and was taken to Seonais Hill above Loch Cnoc and buried there, her final resting place marked by two standing stones which can still be seen to this day.

This limited release has only 900 bottles and costs £115/€157.

Source: Press release Douglas Laing