Chapter 7 Irish single malt 2001

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The number 13 seems to be far from unlucky for this Irish single malt. The single cask is the younger brother of Chapter 7's bourbon cask from 2000. Thirteen years in a sherry cask made it considerably darker and richer. They are definitely closely related but developed a very different character after all.

Identity Card Chapter 7 Irish single malt 2001

    Chapter 7 Irish single malt 2001
  • Undisclosed Irish whiskey from 2001
  • 13 years old single malt
  • Sherry butt #10836 - 293 bottles
  • Alcohol: 59.5% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: The sherry cask gave the whiskey a deep copper colour reminiscent of its Spanish sunburned roots and slow oily legs.

Nose: When nosing you are greeted with lots of wood notes such as cedar wood and chestnut. Star aniseed and copper polish. Or make that furniture polish with bees wax. Be gentle with the Irish for he has a pretty sharp yet warm alcohol sting. Fresh citrus notes from clementines or mandarins. Brinta porridge with hazelnuts and orange candy. Rock sugar and sweet cherries sign up for the sweeter side of the flavours. A tiny hint of an anise liquor lingers in the back.

With water there’s an added sweetness from typical sherry notes. Dried fruits and furniture polish. Sweet soy sauce, baby biscuits or egg cakes and raisin bread crust.

Taste: Silky and slightly oily in the mouth. A woody treat minus the usual bitterness with some peppery notes. Cedar wood and the fresh perfume of rosemary sprigs. Biscuits with raisins and sprinkled with aniseed.

Water reveals chocolate with rosemary and rum raisins ice cream.

Finish: A warm finish full of stewed apples, hazelnuts and beechnuts.

Chapter 7 Irish single malt 2001

Price: €115

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Source and pictures: Chapter 7.
Sample provided by Selim from Chapter 7 Whisky.