News: The Glenrothes Peated Cask Reserve

  • The Peated Cask Reserve
  • Glenrothes Distillery, Rothes (Speyside)
  • NAS
  • 40 % ABV
  • Exclusively available through Marks & Spencer
The Glenrothes has always taken an interest in different approaches in which to showcase the depth of the distillery’s character. At first, classically by experimentation with different casks, sizes and wood then, secondly, by looking outside the current box.

By delving into the distillery’s heritage it was discovered that one of the first associations with another distillery was with a company called Highland Distilleries back in 1887. This was an association formed between The Glenrothes and the Islay Distillery Co Ltd.

The research provided the inspiration for the new expression, the task now was to identify some excellent whisky. Deciding on Vintage 1992, The Glenrothes was given a temporary home in a cask hailing from the peaty lands of Islay. It doesn’t take much time to add a kiss of peat smoke to complement but not overpower the usual Glenrothes characteristics.

Ronnie Cox, The Glenrothes Brand Heritage Director, describes the Peated Cask Reserve as: "A wonderful surprise. Another first! The first modern-day marriage of elegant, fruity, and, of course, mature Glenrothes with subtle but intriguing peaty mists of Islay."

Malt Master Gordon Motion’s flavour notes appear on the front label: "Lemon fruitiness, spicy and deliciously smoky."

Tasting notes From The Glenrothes

Colour: Mid gold.
Nose: Nettles, new leather, peat, nutmeg and white wine.
Taste: Peat smokiness, light vanilla, spices and citrus peel.
Finish: Spicy and lingering.

The Glenrothes Peated Cask Reserve will be sold exclusively through M&S in the UK from November; it will be priced at £45 per bottle.

Source and picture: Press release Glenrothes