Glen Elgin 2000 Gordon & Macphail Reserve for Maltclan

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The Belgian whisky club Maltclan has national fame for two things: the first is their their annual whisky fest is one of the best in town. A low entry price and high quality official and independent bottlings with knowledgeable people behind the counters.

Second: Their club bottling (from Gordon & Macphail) is always a good VFM whisky. The people at Maltclan usually pick a fruity Speyside cask. This one was already bottled in 2014 and held back to be released in January.

The distillery was designed by Charles Doig, architect of over 50 distilleries and was finished in 1898. Modernisation was introduced very slowly. Until the 1950's they still had an employee to light all the parafine lights. Glen Elgin is one of the main components of the White Horse blend. The other two being Lagavulin and Craigellachie. Glen Elgin was part of the giant DCL that bought White Horse Distillers in 1927.

The only official bottling is a 12 year old single malt that has been rather well received amongst whisky geeks.

Identity Card Glen Elgin 2000 Gordon & Macphail Reserve for Maltclan

    Gordon & Macphail Glen Elgin for Maltclan
  • Glen Elgin 2000
  • Glen Elgin Distillery, Elgin (Speyside)
  • Bottled by Gordon & Macphail
  • 14 year old single malt
  • 56.9% ABV
  • Distilled in 2000 - bottled in 2014
  • cask #2972 | 260 bottles
  • Presale price: €65 / Sale: €70 (Sold out)

Tasting notes

Colour: A natural brushed golden colour. Swirling shows thin and fast legs.

Nose: Lots of alcohol on the first sniff. You'd better let it rest for a while in the glass. Finnish delight marmalade confection. Apricots and raisins. Make that a Christmas cake. Dried banana and muesli or oatmeal. A subtle rose perfume mingling with vanillapudding. Brioche bread and wet mossy wood. Hints of Nespresso Vanilio.

The whisky becomes dusty with a few drops of water. Christmas cake spices are more pronounced. A creamy banana mousse with woodflakes. Smoked chipotle butter and sweet corn or maize. Wood matured grappa and fruity aromas of grapes, pineapple and white chocolate flakes.

Taste: Again a strong presence of spicy wood flavours. Ginger powder and dried banana flakes. A bag of dried apricots. Strawberries with black pepper and clove.

Water creates a rooibos tea infused with clove and a juicy fruit bomb. I'm mainly thinking of strawberries and canned pineapple and peaches. The wood flavours become a little bitter after some time.

Finish: A long candy-like finish with a spicy punch. Rooibos tea and clove (again). A warm film clings to your tongue.

Price: €70 (presale €65). Sold out!

Yet another great club bottling from Maltclan (I'm repeating myself, I know...). Maybe not as good as the Glenlossie from two years ago imho but still a solid value for money tipple. The 260 bottles didn't make it through the day. All gone so you'll have to wait until next year for another G&M from Maltclan.

Picture: Chris Lauriers, Maltclan member and Whisky Ambassador 2015