News: Highland Park Ice Edition

It seems like Highland Park is working on a new whisky called Ice Edition. It is a single malt bottled at cask strength and will be released in a limited edition of 30.000 bottles (maybe not so limited but at least the people at Highland Park give us the numbers.).

And there's something else worth noting: the whisky will have an age statement. It's 17 years old so I'm guessing the price level will be around €110 - €125.

Update: Price estimations go as high as €260. Somewhere deep inside I knew my guess was way too optimistic. Bowmore already proved they could take away the profits from those short term profiteers that buy bottles to resell them on auctions immediately. So why wouldn't Highland Park do the exact same thing?

  • Highland Park Ice Edition
  • Highland Park Distillery, Kirkwall (Orkney)
  • 17 year old single malt
  • 53.9% ABV
  • 30.000 bottles

Maybe Ice forms the start of a new limited edition series like the Walhalla series? Ice and fire are two important concepts in the creation of the universe according to Norse mythology. In the beginning of times only two worlds existed: Muspellsheim, a world of fire and Niflheim, an arctic world.

Update: The bottle is designed to bring to life the dazzling ice realm, with blue-tinted glass and a sharp, faceted shape. The front of the bespoke bottle features a Norse symbol representing the creation of the world, which they believed was protected by a serpent, Jormungandr, biting his own tale. Encased in a mountain-shaped wooden cradle, the whole design reinforces the links to the Ice Realm and its mythology. (source: Highland Park)

The back label does not reveal anything

Official tasting notes from Highland Park

A radiant whisky, natural in colour with mirror-like brightness.  Up-front, vivid aromas of cool, fresh pineapple and mango sorbet give way to silvery shards of smoke and the frosty kick of root ginger.  Like the Ice Giants themselves, the palate is powerful yet smooth, misty peat smoked inter-twined with vanilla seeds. A beautifully balanced finish, with lingering woodiness and spices.

P.S. There's also a 1968 Vintage that roams the database...

Source and pictures: Colas Online

You can read all about this new collectionable Highland Park on their website


  1. We saw it coming, didn't we? If Bowmore succeeded in taking away the profits from the short term profiteers on auctions, why wouldn't Highland Park do the same? Anyway, too expensive for me. I'll stick to indy HP's and a forgotten 18yo if the price is 'right'.


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