News: Ghost 7 Time Slip

At the end of 2014 a blend of Karuizawa malt and Kawasaki grain from the 1970's was discovered in a forgotten warehouse up in the cold Hokkaido. To give the spirit a last boost, they recasked the whisky in a Spanish oak ex-Karuizawa cask from the Golden Age (the 1980's). The whisky was carefully monitored so the ABV wouldn't drop below 40%.

This is no ordinary blended whisky but one that has been finished in a single cask from the legendary Karuizawa. 282 bottles of this Time Slip were released on the market yesterday and sold out already.

Identity Card

  • Ghost #7 Time Slip
  • Blend of Karuizawa malt & Kawasaki grain
  • 1970's Vintage
  • 43 % ABV
  • Bottled in 2015
  • ex-Karuizawa sherry butt | 282 bottles
The label features the Yoshitoshi print “The Ghost of Taira no Tomomori Appears at Daimotsu Bay”. Taira no Tomomori was one of the commanders of the Taira clan during the Genpei war. The Taira were defeated by the Minamoto clan at Dan-no-ura. Tomomori joined his clan members by committing suicide. People interested in the whole story can read the Wikipedia page on the Battle of Dan-no-ura

Battle of Dan-no-ura
Price: €375 /  49.000¥ (Sold out)

Source and pictures: Nonjatta