The best April's whisky jokes

April 1 (Scots used to call it Huntigowk Day, now you know) is a feast to spread hoaxes and fool people with fake news. A short recap of today's jokes and pranks from the world of whisky:

Big Peat

Douglas Laing launches a limited edition Big Peat this time of the year. This year is a hot and spicy Big Peat infused with cinnamon. 

Fiery Peat
Big Fiery Peat. One does not simply open the bottle.


Jameson will be launching a Barrelman perfume. Twenty people could win a bottle if they knew where Jameson whiskey is brewed (According to the Dutch ad, whiskey isn't distilled but brewed. Shame on you Jameson ! ;-) )

Jameson Barrelman
Jameson Barrelman, not to be confused with a mouth spray!


Serge Valentin of Whiskyfun wanted to make a statement by not doing an April Fool's prank. The whisky industry itself is slowly transforming into a joke itself... 

Why making an April Fools joke?

The Whisky Exchange

Billy Abbott & co. of the Whisky Exchange discovered a report from the European Union stating that whisky producers will have to disclose the age statement in years and months and list all the ingredients of a whisky.  And if we can believe a certain Herr Farbstoff (a small hint) produces will need to disclose the use of e150 colourants. 

TWE nieuwe labels voor The Macallan

Single Malt Lodge

The Noord-Korean dictator and always smiling Kim Jong-Un visited the Mecca of whisky: Islay. Together with his Minister of Foreign Affairs he is trying to build up a whisky scene in his home country.  

Kim Jung-un bij Ardbeg
"Ardbeg is mine now!"

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society / Toms Whisky Reviews

Scotch Malt Whisky Society fan Tom Thomson discovered that the Society has a new panel member to pick single malts: the dog Saucer. His first choice is a D1.1 Barking Mad.

Saucer en zijn neus voor whisky

"Wraf, wraf"
Toms Whisky Reviews: Worlds First Whisky Sniffer Dog Joins Tasting Panel
SMWS Blog: World's first whisky sniffer dog

Master of Malt

The Chaps at Master of Malt are launching a dating app. Tinder-wise you'll be able to swipe between people that are a possible match with your perfect gin. 

MoM Ginder app
Swipe right if you love Bathtub Gin!

Islay Blog

The Isle of Islay will get its own whisky theme park (the island already has at least 8 visitor attractions). You'll learn to distill your own whisky, visit a smuggler's cave, learning the trade of a cooper and much much more... 

The location of the theme park

A Tasty Dram

I couldn't resist a small prank on the blog either. Port Ellen will no longer be a single malt since all the bottle-worthy casks have been sold. It will become a small batch blend of Caol Ila and Lagavulin with a teaspoon of overaged single malt from Port Ellen. 

Port Ellen Blended Malt
Hooray! Port Ellen for everybody !

The Whisky Sponge

We end this post with a serious blog. The mysterious Whisky Sponge celebrates April Fools every single day of the year except on 1 April. A very serious article but a must read for every whisky lover ! 
The Whisky Sponge

Did you spot another April Prank that should be featured? Drop me a line in the comments section.