New batch Elements of Islay: Ar6, Ma1, Lp7 and Ln1

Specialty Drinks (the company behind The Whisky Exchange) added some new elements to the periodic table of Islay elements with their latest batch of Elements of Islay whiskies.
Elements of Islay Ma1 Ln1 Lp7 Ar6

Two elements are already well known: Ar6 (Ardbeg) and Lp7 (Laphroaig). The other two elements are new discoveries on the table.

New Elements of Islay

The always well informed Whiskynotes describes the first new element, Ln1 or Loch Indaal, as medium peated Bruichladdich.  I'm guessing that means a phenol level somewhere between 20 - 30ppm compared to Port Charlotte, generally  estimated have been peated to around 40 - 50 ppm. And Port Charlotte has its own element on the table: Pl. So this was probably peated whisky that didn't meet the Port Charlotte standards nor did it fit in the Bruichladdich brand?

Update: The people at Specialty Drinks pointed out that Ln1 has a higher ppm than Port Charlotte. Expect something between Port Charlotte and Octomore in stead. Thanks for clearing this up!

The second new element is a much easier guess. Ma, the elementary abbreviation of Margadale, stands for heavily peated Bunnahabhain. The Margadale river is the water source of Islay's most northerly distillery.

Ar6 has been bottled at 55.6% ABV, Ln1 at 62.5% ABV, Lp7 at 52.8% ABV and Ma1 at 54.2% ABV

Prices are not known yet.