The Balvenie Peat Week 14 year old peated whisky

The Balvenie Distillery might be venturing into a little experiment again. After the 17yo peated cask, this rumour might be about a whisky distilled from peated barley...

A closer look upon the label learns us that at The Balvenie produces heavily peated spirit one week every year. Week 37 to be precise... This whisky is the result of this still run from 2002 and has been bottled after 14 years in American oak casks. The whisky has been bottled at nice 48.3% ABV. It should be interesting to see how peated Balvenie turns out.

balvenie 2002 peatweek

Identity Card Balvenie Peat Week

  • The Balvenie Peat Week

  • The Balvenie Distillery,  Dufftown (Speyside)

  • 14 year old single malt - 2002 Vintage

  • Alcohol: 48.3% ABV

Tasting notes from The Balvenie

Gentle sweet peat smoke on the nose with some lighter floral notes and delicate butterscotch honey. Velvety and round to taste with the peat smoke balancing citrus flavours, oaky vanilla and blossom honey. This finish has gentle smoke with a lingering an creamy vanilla sweetness.

Balvenie 2002 Peat Week 14 year old

More information will be added when I have the time to dive properly into the rumour.

Entries from the TTB Public Registry (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) are a fairly reliable source for upcoming new whiskies. Although not all entries make it to the market. There’s always the possibility a brand decides not to launch a whisky, even if the label has been approved. Until the distillery sends out a press release, this whisky should be considered a rumour…

Source: Colas Online.