Laphroaig Cairdeas 2017 Cask Strength Quarter Cask

Laphroaig's label for the 2017 version of Cairdeas has been approved. Laphroaig Cairdeas is their Feis Ile whisky, but it's widely available through their webshop (if it can hold the annual torrent of visitors when they put it up for sale).

The 2017 edition has matured in quarter casks made from American oak (quercus alba). Due to greater contact with the oak, maturation is more intense and happens faster. The whisky matured fully in warehouse number 1.  No fancy wine finish or maturation this year, just plain american oak. The differences with the standard Quarter Cask release from Laphroaig are the higher ABV and the fact that it - at least that's what I'm guessing - fully matured in quarter casks. For how long? They won't be telling us. I'm guessing the answer will be something like "until it reached perfection".

As some attentive eyes have noticed, this might not be the definitive label. Previous Cairdeas expressions contained a small easter egg. The ABV is related to the year the whisky was launched. Edition 2016 clocked off at 51.6% ABV, edition 2015 at 51.5% ABV, edition 2014 at 51.4% ABV and so on.

So this might explain the FPO mark on the label. Or maybe Laphroaig ditched that small detail...

Identity Card Laphroaig Cairdeas

  • Laphroaig Distillery, Port Ellen (Islay)

  • Feis Ile 2017 - Friends of Laphroaig expression

  • NAS single malt

  • matured in quarter casks (50 litres, 80 litres, 125 litres?)

  • Alcohol: 51.6% ABV

Entries from the TTB Public Registry (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) are a fairly reliable source for upcoming new whiskies. Although not all entries make it to the market. There’s always the possibility a brand decides not to launch a whisky, even if the label has been approved. Until the distillery sends out a press release, this whisky should be considered a rumour…

Source: Colas Online.