Bruichladdich The Classic Lassie

Bruichladdich The Classic Lassie
A new whisky rumour is always a great way to start the month. Bruichladdich appears to be crafting a female counterpart for The Classic Laddie. Meet Bruichladdich The Classic Lassie

Bruichladdich has always been a versatile and accessible distillery. Most Scottish distilleries have not yet outgrown the kilt-bagpipe-leather-armchair-old-man stereotype. You will not find such stereotypes at Bruichladdich. Some would even dare to call it the most feminine of the Islay distilleries: classy and colourful bottles with light and playful whiskies.

Bruichladdich management has been very much aware of their appeal to women. So they decided to go one step further and release a Classic Lassie expression. A stylish pink coloured whisky that combines the classic floral Bruichladdich touch with rich and extravagant aromas from tawny Port pipes and Chateau Pr. d’ Avril barriques.

A release that would make former master distiller Jim McEwan smile from ear to ear a treat for lasses and lads across the pond!

Identity Card Bruichladdich The Classic Lassie

  • Bruichladdich Distillery, Lochindaal (Islay)
  • Matured in tawny port pipes and Ch. Pr. d’Avril wine barriques.
  • Alcohol: 50% ABV

Source: Bruichladdich