Douglas Laing Old Particular Laphroaig 18YO Consortium of Cards

Douglas Laing Old Particular Laphroaig 18YO Consortium of Cards
Picture: Douglas Laing

Tonight I’m diving into the first release from Douglas Laing’s Consortium of Cards, an Old Particular Laphroaig 18YO. The Consortium of Cards is a collection of single cask whiskies from the Old Particular series themed around a deck of playing cards. (If you're thinking "This sounds familiar", you are right. Hanyu pulled the same trick already.)

This single cask is presented as the Queen of the Hebrides, Islay’s well-known and well-earned nickname. And a properly aged Laphroaig certainly has the qualities to become the crown jewel of Douglas Laing’s Consortium whisky collection.

Identity Card Douglas Laing Old Particular Laphroaig 18YO Consortium of Cards

  • Independent bottling from Laphroaig Distillery, Port Ellen (Islay)
  • Bottled by Douglas Laing & Co
  • 1998 Vintage - Bottled in 2017
  • Matured in a refill sherry butt - 665 bottles
  • Alcohol: 50% ABV

Tasting Notes

Colour: A pale yellow whisky. The texture is slightly oily.

Nose: Yeah, there's no doubt. Instant Laphroaig. Smoky citrus, pineapple, heather and honey. Chalk and minerals on the nose. Asphalt. A wood-stained pier. Vanilla, raisin and passion fruit. Gouache, sterile bandages and hospitals.
With water: More hospital aromas. A whiff of cigarettes through the paint department.

Taste: Sweet and creamy. Then you'll take the hit of peppery smoke. Grilled jalapeƱos.  BBQ, honey and tobacco. Dry ash and scorched wood. Aniseed.
With water: Rounder. More cigarettes and flint.

Finish: A long strong finish. A sprig of mint and raisins. Dried hay and flint.

This is text-book Laphroaig. A Black Queen luring you in her castle, without any chance to get out there. But that's not a punishment at all. On the contrary. She's a truly tasty and seducing dram. Too bad that aged Laphroaig became so ridiculously expensive... (But that's my opinion. If your budget allows it, buy it and crack it!). Call it a belter, call it a stunner, call it top-shelf stuff. Independent Laphroaig rarely disappoints.

Sample disclosure: The Old Particular Laphroaig 18YO Consortium of Cards sample was offered by Douglas Laing. Opinions expressed in this review are of course my own.

Bottle image credit:  Douglas Laing