Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition

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Angels' Nectar  Rich Peat Edition is only the second expression from Highfern Ltd. The brand is inspired by the Angels' share, also known as the whisky that evaporates from the cask.

This blended malt has been constructed with Highland malts only. That means no Islay whiskies are involved. Island whiskies remain to be seen. Some sources catalogue the Islands under the Highland region... Although I'm putting my money on a substantial portion of young peaty Ardmore. But that's mere speculation on the contents of this Angels' Nectar  Rich Peat Edition.

A rather small but flavourwise important detail is the upgrade of the alcohol by volume (ABV). The 40% of the First Edition has been upped for the Rich Peat Edition. This little detail and the fact they omit caramel colouring shows that Angels' Nectar is looking at the more geeky segment of the whisky market too.

Identity Card Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition

  • Angels' Nectar Rich Peat edition
  • NAS Blended Malt Scotch whisky
  • A vatting of Highland malt whiskies
  • Alcohol: 46% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: The Angels like their whisky very pale. A sign of refill casks and young malts. But also a sign that they do not want to cheat their customers with adding caramel colouring.

Nose: The smoke is very present. Candle wax with citrus aromas. Some spent matches in the background and strong coffee. Add some lapsang souchong tea and charcoal too. The nose is a bit sharper due to the higher ABV.
With water, there's a note of some barrel aged gin. Which is a good thing.

Taste: Sweet honey notes warm the tongue. Pepper comes second. Soft wax and flowery flavours. Young thyme. Or actually my mother's honey-thyme liquor (the best - tastiest - cough medicine in town) with nut biscuits.
With water: Liquorice root and liquorice allsorts. Again the barrel-aged gin or genever hits me. Gingerbread with stem ginger. Some fragrant tobacco.

Finish: A medium length aftertaste with gingerbread, mint and charcoal

The bottle looks good and the whisky tastes great. If the pricing is right, this might be a contender for Douglas Laing's Rock Oyster. A simply well constructed and enjoyable blend. No need to ramble on. Good stuff. Period.

Sample disclosure: A sample of the Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition was provided by Robert from Highfern ltd.Opinions expressed in this review remain of course my own.