Catching up on Friday (28 july 2017)

After a busy week, I'll try to get you up to speed in less than two minutes on the latest whisky news, rumours and interesting blog posts from the past week.


Douglas Laing lays out plans for its own distillery 

The news of the day certainly comes from Douglas Laing. Like many other independent bottlers before them, they too have plans to build their own distillery, headquarters and new bottling complex in Glasgow.

Douglas Laing headquarters

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Tomatin Whisky Tea 

Actually, this is a news item from a few weeks ago but still an interesting one to share. Tomatin and Eteaket experimented with barrel ageing black tea. The tea is a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Fujian teas. I ordered a bag so within a few weeks I can tell you something more on it.

Tomatin Whisky Tea

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Whispers I heard through the barley...

Ardbeg Grooves 

If someone still had some doubts about it, Ardbeg became a gimmick brand with some rather questionable expressions. A first draft of the 2018 Special Committee release turned up in the public Colas Registry. Ardbeg Grooves leaves already a few clues on next years Feis Ile festivities. I foresee funky sunglasses, afro wigs and colourful disco/flower power outfits. Bonus points for red-yellow jackets with Celtic elements. Unless… Ardbeg is trolling the Colas hunters and this whisky never sees the light of day.

More about the label on the Tumblr page A Tasty Dram 

Highland Park The Dark 

When it comes to attention drawing brands in the public Colas Registry, Highland Park is a serious competitor for Ardbeg. The Dark is a limited release (if you call 28.000 bottles limited) from “The Orkney single malt with Viking ancestry” as they describe themselves. Not much is known about Highland Park The Dark. If I might speculate I’d say it will be part of a two-series collectable whisky series. The Dark will come from first fill PX sherry casks, resulting in a really dark whisky. And add a black bottle and wooden frame to it too.

More about the label on the Tumblr page A Tasty Dram

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