Port Charlotte 2005 cask #0013

Port Charlotte 2005 cask #0013

Bruichladdich announced earlier this week they would be rebranding and restructuring its Port Charlotte brand. The iconic Laddiebottle disappears and is replaced by some sort of dumpy green bottle. The 10YO will become a permanent expression and a Bordeaux cask matured single malt is planned for October. Bordeaux cask you say? Wasn't there a Bordeaux cask in one of the #LaddieMP's?

#LaddieMP5 microprovenance digital tasting
Image: Bruichladdich

This cask  #00013 sample may very well lie at the base of the code-named MRC:01 single malt. Bruichladdich distillery has some exceptional wine casks from the big chateaus in their warehouses, courtesy of former wine merchant and Bruichladdich CEO Mark Reynier. Great casks and great spirit can only give great whisky.

Let's prepare our taste buds for the upcoming MRC:01 with this sample from cask #0013.

Identity Card Port Charlotte 2005 cask #0013


  • Bruichladdich Distillery (Islay)
  • 10-year-old single malt
  • Distilled 28 November 2005 - Bottled 2016
  • Matured in cask #0013 (bourbon/Bordeaux)
  • Warehouse WH5.L2 (dunnage)
  • Barley: Optic
  • Alcohol: 59.9% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: Red copper.

Nose: Smoky vanilla and banana smeared on brioche bread with pieces of mango. Cigarette ash sprinkled on a bowl of red fruit. Strawberry and raspberry. A velvety sherbet, sour gummi bears and pistachio. Grapefruit, mint and green apple.
With water: Pink marshmallow, pomegranate and mezcal smoke.

Taste: Rich and sweet. Smoke, papaya, grapes and dextrose or grape sugar. Sour bears and a spicy touch of chilli-chocolate and lavender.
With water: Again pomegranate and mezcal notes. A velvety texture. Chocolate with peppercorn, coffee beans and roasted malt.

Finish: Long and soft in the aftertaste. Sweet red fruits and tannins. Roasted malt and vanilla.

Port Charlotte 2005 cask #0013

Wow. I'm not going to waste many words on this one. This is Port Charlotte at its best. Some whiskies work like a charm with wine casks. Port Charlotte has its place in the pantheon of excellent-wine-cask-maturing-whiskies. Period. Counting down to October for MRC:01...