Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2015

A Tasty Dram tasting notes Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2015

Belgian brewery Het Anker has a sister-distillery - De Molenberg - a stone's throw away. The brewery delivers the wash for the Gouden Carolus single malt. From there it's only a small step to come up with a whisky infused beer. Gouden Carolus meets... Gouden Carolus Indulgence.

The annual Indulgence series started off with this whisky infused beer. It proved successful and was made a permanent addition to the Cuvée van de Keizer range. The Indulgence series itself kept experimenting with various beer styles such as a blend of lambic beers and Cuvée van de Keizer Red.

Identity Card Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2015

Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2015
Picture: Het Anker
  • Beer brewed at brewery Het Anker, Mechelen (Belgium)
  • Whisky distilled at distillery De Molenberg, Mechelen (Belgium)
  • 3 weeks of lagering
  • EBU 15, EBC 70
  • Alcohol: 11.7% ABV
  • Contents: 75cl

Tasting notes

Colour: A dark brown beer with a red hue. Fairly clear with a nice thick foamy head.

Nose: Dried fruits. Raisins and banana. Slightly roasted. Malt and cane sugar. Dark cacao and puffed rice. Vanilla infused rice pudding sprinkled with brown sugar. The whisky is easily detected on the nose.

Taste: Chocolate and rice. Lovely sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Caramel, candied almonds. A slightly bitter note towards the end. Some minor oak influences.

Finish: Bitter dark chocolate and oak.


This was a truly gastronomic beer and reasonably priced (around €10) for a spirit infused beer. The whisky is definitely present on the nose and adds a few layers of extra complexity to the beer. One of the best beers from Het Anker. It's a staple in the beer and wine cellar by now.

Image: Het Anker