Douglas Laing Big Peat Christmas 2018

Big Peat Christmas 2018
Picture: Douglas Laing
Douglas Laing's Big Peat annual festive bottling this year shows our trusty fisherman dressed in Santa Claus outfit, ready to descend a chimney on “his” island home of Islay. The Christmas Edition is a cask strength version of the classic Islay blended malt.

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky at her family’s firm, on the 2018 Christmas edition of Big Peat :
“You can expect a big, ashy, beachy, oceanic and smoky message in the bottle, all the way from the island of Islay. During the festive season, that chimney soot connection seems particularly appropriate, being the entry point of our gift-laden Saint Nick himself. Big Peat’s Christmas limited edition has become truly synonymous with the season, setting us up nicely as we prepare to celebrate his 10th birthday in 2019.”

Identity Card Big Peat Christmas 2018

  • Official bottling from Douglas Laing Remarkable Regional Malts
  • No Age Statement blended malt Scotch whisky
  • Alcohol: 53.9% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: Light gold. Oily beads transform into thin and fast legs.

Nose: Sweet smoke. Smoked halibut. Preserved lemons and salty sea air. Wood stain mingling with earthy flavours. Wet moss, aniseed and fennel. Beef jerky. Pinewood and resin. White chocolate, pineapple and BBQ smoke.
With water: BBQ ash, salsify, butter and bacon.

Taste: Dry and tingling on the tongue. Wood smoke and violet (Hello Bowmore!). Aniseed and fennel seeds. Coriander and charcoal. Roasted pine nuts. Lavender, juniper berries and wine gums laced with peat smoke.
With water: BBQ fat and canned fruits.

Finish: Warm, smoky, peppery. Smoked paprika and juniper berry.

Douglas Laing Big Peat Christmas 2018

Big Peat's festive edition is a classic peat fest. I could elaborate on the subject but the message is fairly simple: make sure there is a Big Peat Christmas Edition under the Christmas tree.

This is classic Big Peat. Smoky and meaty but nevertheless well-balanced. Our fisherman in Santa attire will never give false promises: a shovelful of Islay single malts from Caol Ila, Bowmore, Ardbeg and (a teaspoon of) Port Ellen.

Bottle image & sample: Douglas Laing