R&B Borders First Release

R&B Borders First Release
Picture: R&B Distillers
R&B Distillers had very big plans in 2015. They wanted to build not one, but two distilleries. One was to be located in the Scottish Borders and another one on the Isle of Raasay. The Raasay Distillery is already producing and will release their first whisky in 2020. The Borders Distillery was to be located in Peebles, but the whole project has been shelved to focus on the Raasay production unit.

The initial single grain releases, of which we will be tasting the first release here, were a precursor to the future style of their Borders distillery. But since the distillery plans have been (temporarily) halted, they felt the brand could cause confusion so it has been replaced by The Tweeddale Grain of Truth.

Identity Card R&B Borders First Release

  • R&B Distillery, Borders 
  • Single grain NAS Scotch whisky
  • Finished in oloroso sherry casks
  • Alcohol: 51.7% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: Dark gold, slow legs and a thick texture.

Nose: Grass, honey, sweet grapes and syrup. Fairly alcoholic and sharp on the nose. Sweet corn, a touch of paint and nail polish remover. Gingerbread and chicken spices or satay spices. Fresh green apple, melon and raisins.
With water: Tropical fruits. Mango, pineapple and cooked maize.

Taste: A light mouthfeel. Sweet, soft and fruity. Melon blended with alcohol. Fruity chewing gum, figs and mandarin. Slightly woody.
With water: Gingerbread, honey, figs and pineapple. Custard pie.

Finish: A warm fruity finish with some added spices.

An uncompromising dram with a few peculiar notes on the nose. This one was available for around €55. Its successor, The Tweeddale Grain of Truth is priced around €45.

Sample disclosure: I won two 20cl bottles from the first R&B Releases in a raffle by The Whisky Lady
Bottle picture: R&B Distillers