10 years of Whivie anniversary whivie

10 jaar Whivie verjaardagsbotteling

"Hey mate, as far as I know, U never used your tasting buds for any of my bottlings." That was the message I found in my mail box two ago. Signed: Mark Dermul.

Mark Dermul is a common household name in the Belgian and Dutch whisky scene. Celebrating the 10 birthday of his blog Whivie (Whisky voor iedereen; Whisky for everyone), Mark picked a blended at birth malt. 50% came from a distillery founded in 1824. The rest was from a 1878 distillery... With a bit of googling, one can narrow the components down to only three distilleries.

But first, let's have a sniff and a sip of this whisky!

Identity Card Whivie 10th anniversary

  • 25 -year-old blended Speyside malt (blended at birth)
  • 50% Speyside distillery from 1824
  • 50% Speyside distillery from 1878
  • Alcohol: 47.1% ABV

Tasting notes

Safe: Brushed copper. Swirling leaves slow legs.

Nose: Sherry is captain Obvious. Raisins and balsamic vinegar. Cinnamon mixed with rock sugar.  Danish 'kanelbulle' or cinnamon rolls. Dates and prune jam. Speculoos spices and unsweetened gingerbread.
With Water: Treacle of molasses and dates. A can of old fashioned furniture was and dark cherry wood. A slight note of sulphur and apples.

Taste: A sweet bite that quikly evaporates into someting more woody and spicy. Think pepper, cinnamon, rock sugar and balsamic vinegar. Add a slice of gingerbread and dates bread, figs and stem ginger, sprinkled with triple sec.
With water: dry and spicy. Cherry wood meets Campari. Or a negroni with some bitter orange peel? Again Cointreau or tripe sec. Roasted coffee malt, espresso and old leather.

Finish: Bone dry and spicy. A benidorm bastard with lasting notes of coffee and leather.

10 jaar Whivie verjaardagsbotteling

BANG! What a dram! 100 bottles are available (update: less than half of them is still available). Seeing the success of  MMM Malts, they will sell like hot buns.

Cheers to 10 more years, Mark ! (if your liver holds up the pace ;-) )