Rumour: Ardbeg BlaaacK

Ardbeg BlaaacK
Source: TTB Online
Ardbeg will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Ardbeg Committee with a new NAS single malt. The novelty is the use of Pinot Noir wine casks.

The front label reads: "Our whisky creators have rounded up the finest Pinot Noir wine casks from New Zealand to mature a celebratory dram that knits together velvety summer FRUIT PUDDING and BITTER CHERRY, with a deeper edge of SOOT and Ardbeg's hallmark SMOKE. Truly a whisky apart."

Identity Card Ardbeg BlaaacK

  • Official bottling from Ardbeg Distillery (Islay)
  • NAS single malt
  • matured/finished in Pinot Noir wine casks from New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 50/7% ABV
Source: Colas Online