Octomore 11.2

Bruichladdich Octomore 11.2
Picture: Bruichladdich

The .2 Octomore are always on top of my wish list. Bruichladdich's wine finishes are amongst the best one can find. Mark Reyniers and Jim McEwan knowledge was indispensable for the modern Bruichladdich; Adam Hannett absorbed every drop of knowledge from his master and continues the work. 

Octomore 11.2  was distilled in the winter of 2014 and is composed of 2 distinct parcels. Parcel 1 - around 25% - matured in European casks from the Pauillac region. Parcel 2 matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Saint Julien wine casks. Octomore 11.2 is a web exclusive in contrast to its predecessors that were to be found in travel retail stores in airports. 

Identity Card Octomore 11.2

  • Official release from Bruichladdich Distillery (Islay)
  • 5-year-old single malt Scotch whisky
  • Parcel 1: matured in ex-European casks from Pauillac region. Parcel 2: matured in ex-bourbon casks, finished in St Julien wine casks.
  • Alcohol: 58.6% ABV
Colour: A warm glow with a copper hue. 

Nose: Smoke and fruit flavour take the lead. Some acidity rises from the glass. Less pungent than the 11.1. Wine and wood influences are very distinguishable. Red fruit and blueberries. Lemon and clove. Cinnamon, dates and lychee. A mixture of Cointreau and Elixir. 
With water: Violets and lavender candy. Lacquered and smoked duck. 

Taste:  The smoke is far less prominent. A small fruit basket filled with raspberries and blueberries. Clove adds a bit of extra warmth and depth.
With water: Green tea infused with red fruit and eucalyptus. 

Finish: A long warm finish with dates, red fruit and eucalyptus. 

Wine and Octomore work like a charm. Heavy red wines heave a few things in common with peaty whiskies and that makes these Octomores top notch (that is if you're a fan of wine finishes). There's plenty to discover and the whiskies have simply more maturity. This one earned a place on my shelf. Period. 

Sample and picture: Bruichladdich