Bruichladdich Laddie Origins


Bruichladdich Laddie Origins

At the time of publishing these tasting notes, Feis Ile will be in full digital swing and Adam Hannett will have finished the Laddie Lock-In masterclass with 6 mystery samples matured in bourbon casks,  directly related to Bruichladdich's Feis Ile release Laddie Origins. In fact, every sample - amongst them a triple distilled, a biodynamic and an Orkney bere barley whisky - is an integral part of the whisky recipe.

People who have followed the masterclass with Adam Hannett will recognize some descriptors from the mystery samples coming back to the final product. A fine example of constructing layers with different casks, ages and barley types. 

Identity Card Bruichladdich Laddie Origins

Bruichladdich Laddie Origins

  • Official Feis Ile bottling from Bruichladdich Distillery
  • Youngest malt in the vatting: 7 years
  • 13 casks, 12 vintages, 6 barley types, 9 different cask types
  • The vatting is a mix from biodynamic spirit, triple distilled Bruichladdich, whisky from the early resurrection years, Orkney grown here barley, Islay barley and organic barley matured in a variety of casks: Pedro Ximenez, Pauillac, French eaux-de-vie, Sauternes, Chenin blanc and Rivesaltes
  • Outturn: 3.000 bottles
  • Alcohol: 56.3% ABV

Tasting notes

Colour: Gold. Thick slow legs. 

Nose: It has that typical Bruichladdich signature. A very "busy" nose to say the least. Light brown sugar, honey, thyme and spices. Dried banana, coconut. Cherry wood, walnut liquor. The alcohol continues to sting so take it easy on the nose. Dextrose and raisin bread dough. Brioche. Ambrosia wine with honey, mint and thyme. 
With water: More oaky and cherry wood. 

Taste: Fruity and sweet. Peach, banana and honey or acacia nectar. Spicy gingerbread with chunks of candied ginger. Adjuma or habanro chilli peppers. Aromatic and hot. Sweet nutty oil and apples. 
With water: Dry oak, pepper, ginger, honey and coconut. 

Finish: One sip goes a long way. A long finish with melon and peach. 

Bruichladdich Laddie origins recipe

I'll make it short. WOW! It's a stunning whisky in classic Laddie tradition. Expect some funky casks, out of the ordinary distillates and lots of Islay-bred geekiness.