News: Bruichladdich The Biodynamic Project


Bruichladdich The Biodynamic Project

Biodynamics, transform and roll out! Remember Waterford's Luna 1.1? Turns out Mark Reyniers brainchild had a predecessor waiting to be rolled out the Bruichladdich warehouses. 

Today, the latest chapter in Bruichladdich's story is released: The Biodynamic Project.

This unpeated spirit was distilled in 2011 from a single farm and matured for a decade on the island of Islay. This whisky has been bottled under the Bruichladdich Distillery ‘Projects’moniker.This biodynamic barley has been grown outside of Scotland, at Yatesbury House Farm, near Wiltshire in England. All contemporary Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore single malts are distilled with 100% Scottish barley, so this biodynamic is somewhat an exception to their rule.

Like organic farming, biodynamic methods don’t use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The method also enlivens the soil through biodynamic preparations and strengthens plants to guard against disease. Many wine growers in France apply biodynamic principles to nurture the soil in the belief that they improve the quality of the raw ingredient, resulting in a superior flavour. 

Bruichladdich The Biodynamic Project

5.000 bottles will hit the ground running on November 16. Price: £100. 

Source: Bruichladdich