Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bowmore 12

A southern sea breeze on a hot summer's night 

Bowmore was the first smoky Islay whisky I learned to love and still has a special place in my cabinet. 

Identity Kit Bowmore 12

  • Morrison Bowmore 
  • 12 years old 
  • Alcohol: 40% 
Bowmore 12
Picture: The Whisky Exchange

Tasting notes 

Color: The 12 year old Bowmore has a warm amber glow. It's a pity the color comes from the notorious E in whisky: E150.

Nose: At first there's honey, lemon and (off course) peat smoke. Then a flowery scent with some eucalyptus. I'm also discovering, very distant but it's there, after eight biscuits with chocolate and mint. Water enhances the flowers and honey. There's a development of lavender and heather. And some slumbering marzipan.

Taste: On the tongue there are oranges and again honey. Also some vanilla and freshly picked mint. Very subtle and soft maritime hints of coarse sea salt.

Finish: Soft and sweet peat smoke warms the mouth.

Conclusion: This 12 year old Bowmore is a pleasant introduction to peaty whiskies. The peat is nicely balanced by the other flavours to make it accessible for newbie peatheads. Didn't even cost € 35 and is available in most supermarkets and liquor stores.



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