Beer review: Witte Pol

Witte Pol
This is my first regular beer review (correction: actually my second beer review. The first one was a Peated Oak Embrasse by De Dochter van de Korenaar aged in Ardbeg casks). I realise it's waaaay more difficult to come up with decent tasting notes for beer then whisky. So please be gentle. I'm sure my notes will improve over time.

Witte Pol is brewed at Brewery Inter Pol (not related to the American band nor the police organisation) in the village of Mont located in the green Ardennes. The beer is exclusively sold by the Delhaize supermarket chain as part of a Famous Belgian Brewers series and limited to 4000 bottles. The series consists of three beers: a dark black one, a yellow/white one and a red special belge beer.

  • Witte Pol by Pol Ghekiere
  • 5.8% ABV
  • Brewery Inter Pol
  • Ingredients: water, malt, hops, herbs, yeast
  • IBU: 16
  • Brewed for Delhaize NV (food supermarket chain)
  • 4000 bottles available
The brewery is part of a bed & breakfast in the valley of Achouffe: La Veille Forge.

3.85 - in stock at Delhaize supermarkets

Tasting notes by

Colour: A yellow/white hazy beer.

Nose: Fresh and sour. I'm picking up lots of citrus and maize notes. Grain biscuits.

Taste: Creamy and sour. Fresh and hoppy citrus.

Finish: It's really coating the palate with a pleasant sourness. A lovely summer beer.


Yep, I'm giving a score to the review too! Drum roll please.... 3.5/5

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