Benromach 1974 single cask

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Benromach releases a single cask whisky from time to time. On Monday the Forres distillery presented cask number 1583. This 1974 vintage Benromach dates from the DCL era. This sherry butt still contained 451 bottles after 41 years of undisturbed sleep in a damp warehouse.

The bottle design is almost identical to the 35yo from Benromach released earlier this year. The decanter is elegantly shaped and comes in a dark wooden presentation box. And yet this premium bottle doesn't exaggerate its premiumness. Benromach considers the quality of the liquid more important than fancy way-over-the-top packaging.

Identity Card Benromach 1974 single cask

Benromach 1974
  • Benromach 1974
  • Benromach Distillery, Forres (Speyside)
  • 41 year old Speyside single malt
  • Alcohol: 49.1% ABV
  • Sherry butt #1583 - 452 bottles from a single cask

Tasting notes

Colour: Deep polished copper in colour, the whisky leaves oily beads on the side of the glass.

Nose: The dram transports you to an antique furniture store with lots of dusty oak. Sweet and sour fruits like prunes and cherries, freshly picked in a summer orchard. Raisins soaked in oloroso sherry with spices such as nutmeg and clove. Orange liquor perfume. Furniture polish and a subtle touch of menthol. Benromach already promised this in the accompanying leaflet.

With a drop of water (fyi I used the Uisge Source Speyside water from Cairngorms Well in Moray) I detected aromas of a black tea with bits of fruit. Caramel tobacco, worn leather and orange-butter cake.

Taste: Lots of bitter oak notes and orange peel. Dark chocolate with dried fruits. Banana muesli, sweet pepper and mint. Sticky wine tannins.

Water brings up orange notes, spicy oak and again bitter tannins.

Finish: Apricots and banana make up for a long creamy finish. Soft butter and oak.

Price: £1200.00

You don't get to taste this kind of whiskies everyday. This is a rare single cask from the pre-Gordon & Macphail era and give or take 6 years older than the fabulous Benromach 35 from earlier this year. A very good (read outstanding) whisky with lots of oldschool aromas and flavours. If you get the occasion to sample this 1974, do not hesitate.

The pricing reflects the rarity of the product. You will need to smack £1200 or more, depending on duties, taxes and profit margins of your retailer, on the counter for one of the 452 bottles. Even with sufficient budget I would probably pick a bottle of the 35 year old, the 15 year old and a few 10 year old ones bottled at 100° proof.

Bottle picture: Benromach

Disclosure: A sample was provided by Benromach. Opinions stated (good or bad) above are of course my own.