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Sippin' Speyside part 2: Douglas Laing Scallywag Cask Strength batch 2

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The Cask Strength version of Scallywag blended malt from Douglas Laing is up to the second batch. The Fox Terrier on the label has his eyes wide open, his ears pricked and his monocle blasted off. I guess the dog didn't handle his whisky carefully enough...

The Fox Terrier adorning the packaging design by Pocket Rocket Creative is a loyal friend of the Laing family and his nature inspired the characteristics of the Scallywag blend: a sweet, charming and feisty spirit.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Benromach 1974 single cask

A Tasty Dram Whisky Blog tasting notes

Benromach releases a single cask whisky from time to time. On Monday the Forres distillery presented cask number 1583. This 1974 vintage Benromach dates from the DCL era. This sherry butt still contained 451 bottles after 41 years of undisturbed sleep in a damp warehouse.

The bottle design is almost identical to the 35yo from Benromach released earlier this year. The decanter is elegantly shaped and comes in a dark wooden presentation box. And yet this premium bottle doesn't exaggerate its premiumness. Benromach considers the quality of the liquid more important than fancy way-over-the-top packaging.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sippin' Speyside part 1: Douglas Laing Scallywag

A Tasty Dram Whisky Blog tasting notes


The Scallywag blended malt from Douglas Laing was the second addition to the range that is now known as the Remarkable Regional Malts and paved the way for the other regions. The blend is created using only malts from the Speyside region and contains key malts from legendary names like Glenrothes, Macallan and Mortlach.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Chapter 7 Braes of Glenlivet 1994

A Tasty Dram Whisky Blog tasting notes

Braes of Glenlivet, or Braeval as it is known since 1994, is a modern distillery from the seventies. Braes was the first in a “five distilleries in five years” masterplan from Pernod Ricard. Since 1997 the complete distillery can be operated by a single person.

The distillery is located in a beautiful yet remote part of the Scottish Highlands. At 507 meters above sea level it is the highest situated distillery in Scotland.